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The Betty Fjord Clinic



Residential Recording Studio & Sauna

"Not quite Aspen but fucking close. A saddle for the senses,

a tonic for the torment,

a measure of hard fought peace in a world that’s set its heart on a permanent panic attack."

- Lias Saoudi,

Fat White Family

All photographs taken within 10 minutes of the clinic.

Saul post treatment


Welcome to the Betty Fjord Clinic. We are a residential recording studio and sauna in Fall, Norway. Envisioned and constructed, in collaboration with The Fat White Family, Steve Dub and Squire Productions we provide musicians and others in need the space and tools to create soundtracks to the world as it disappears down the shit pipe.

The Clinic

The Sauna

" If a sauna, hard liquor and tar do not help, the disease is fatal. "

" The sauna is a poor mans pharmacy. "

- Finnish Proverbs

We boast a top speed of 120 °C.


The House

An hour from Oslo airport and miles from anywhere. Beautiful surroundings and 24/7 access to the studio. Accommodates 8 comfortably.


The Studio

"One of the most idyllic studios I've ever been to. I still regret not staying there for good. "

- Ignacio Salvadores King Krule - Gal Go Grey

The studio is separate from the main house and comprised of a control room and two live rooms all acoustically isolated and configurable as required. It's got a good vibe and the live room has a view to the natural surroundings which adds to the relaxed working atmosphere.

Tyson in intensive care
WhatsApp Image 2021-12-28 at 12.29.33 PM.jpeg

" The Betty Fjord Clinic is one of those places that creating is a must, chilling is a must and reflecting is a must. It is the only place I can create in such mad times and the only place in Europe, for me, that holds the magic of London, while relieving the mind and maintaining the attitude. "



Our Patients


Formed in a squat in Peckham in 2011, South London's Fat White Family comprised Lias Saoudi (vocals), Nathan Saoudi (keyboard), Adam Harmer (guitar), Martin Dead (drummer), and Saul Adaczewski (guitar). The band soon garnered critical and public adulation for their scuzzy mix of rock & roll, post punk, country and nihilistic psychedelia recalling the likes of The Fall, The Birthday Party, Butthole Surfer and Charles Manson.

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